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Zombie Raiders Survival Download modded games for android 1 Experience survival challenge, execute zombies and protect your fellow zombie hunters!

Fight your way through large zombie forest and city environments and kill every living dead in sight! You get help from computer controlled team mates so you don’t have to battle alone.

Enjoy realistic RAGDOLL PHYSICS as you take a shot at the living dead!

You enemies get pretty tough as you make progress. They become faster and some of them even have machine guns and rocket launchers. You have challenging missions to complete. There is hunting with a sniper rifle from a distance, close combat assault in an urban environment, waves of zombies attacking you from all sides and much more.

Zombie Raiders Survival is a survival shooter featuring:
– Open world zombie survival
– True bloodbath with cool gore, splatter and headshot effects
– Amazing realistic full ragdoll physics
– Computer controlled squad mates
– Assault and sniper missions to fight through

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Zombie Raiders Survival  screenshots 1Zombie Raiders Survival  screenshots 2Zombie Raiders Survival  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.smoothapps.zombieteam
Filename: Zombie Raiders Survival.APK

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