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Zombie Hunter: Pixel Survival 1.34 Download modded games for android 1 Zombie Hunter is a pixel style 3D action shooting zombie survival game,This is a game that combines multiple gameplay such as survival craft and first-person combat shooting,More than 100 kinds of weapons and dozens of costumes, as well as a skill system to keep you strong as you grow´╝îMore random and rich attribute system to double the fun of fighting,Hurry up and enter a pixel world full of zombies and adventure!
*** Weapon system ***
Rich weapon types,Melee weapon´╝îThrowing weapon´╝îBow and Crossbow´╝îFirearms´╝îGrenade´╝îTrap,etc…There are more than 100 weapons for you to choose´╝îThere is always a weapon you like.
*** Armor system ***
Flexible armor design´╝îArmor has two effects: defense and dodge´╝îHigh defense means low dodge´╝îThere is no strongest armor, only the best armor for you,Every piece of armor is useful and will not be eliminated.
*** Survival And Craft System ***
Collect supplies.
Decompose items to obtain materials.
Make weapons and other survival items.
Fishing with rod and bait.
Cut down trees to build strongholds and storage boxes.
*** Skill system ***
Survival and battle will get experience points.
When the experience value is full, you can level up to gain skill points
The attributes of the character can be strengthened by assigning skill points in the skill panel.
*** Other ***
Currently supports LAN multiplayer games,You can play with your friends by connecting to a wifi hotspot!
support more languages
fix bugs

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: org.okfish.zombiehunter
Rating: 10.0
Filename: Zombie Hunter: Pixel Survival1.34.APK
Required: Android 4.1+
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+
Votes: 647

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