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Wild Cats Story of Heraldstorm Download modded games for android 1 Today is a fateful day in the life of a warrior named Heraldstorm. After a lot of training and misfortune, he is ready to become a Guardian! The new status will bring not only new responsibilities, but will finally allow him to confess to Whitemane he has loved all these years…
This is a short visual novel that will tell a story from the world of Wild Cats. Our interactive fanfic will show you the Guardian’s first love and his first encounter with danger!
But only you will have to decide whether it will be an inspiring tale of a hero becoming Heraldstorm or a tragic tale of a storm that will consume everyone…

🐾 Text is fully in English
🐾 ~12 minutes of reading
🐾 Watercolor backgrounds
🐾 Multiple storyline endings
🐾 Game achievements
❗ Contains scenes of battle and violence ❗

This is the third – expanded version of the game, with increased storylines and graphics updated to high resolution.

Wild Cats Story of Heraldstorm  screenshots 1Wild Cats Story of Heraldstorm  screenshots 2Wild Cats Story of Heraldstorm  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: ru.wcrg.stories.heraldstorm
Rating: 2.5
Filename: Wild Cats Story of Heraldstorm.APK
Votes: 5.56K

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