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Weapon stripping NoAds Download modded games for android 1 This is NoAds version.

This game is a gun simulation wich allows you to assemble and disassemble (also know as field stripping) several firearms from different eras.

The firearms are fully operatable, you can learn how each one fires in different modes: automatic, burst (If the gun has the feature) and single fire. You can study how the guns work by deactivating some superficial features of the gun to show the mechanism and/or slowing down time to better understand the gun. You can also try to get the highest score amongst your friends.

This game is like your very own personal armory!

New weapons from all over the world will keep being added to the game for you to play with and experiment.
v.78.367 – PP-2000

version history:
v.77.x – HK G3A3
v.76.x – PP-91 Kedr
v.75.x – BAR M1918A2
v.74.x – AK-107
v.73.x – AN-94 Abakan
v.72.x – Arisaka Type 38
v.71.x – RPG-7
v.70.x – OC-14 Groza
v.69.x – Sa vz.58
v.68.x – SPAS-12

Weapon stripping NoAds  screenshots 1Weapon stripping NoAds  screenshots 2Weapon stripping NoAds  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.segasvd.WeaponFieldStripNoAds
Filename: Weapon stripping NoAds.APK
DOWNLOADs: 10,000+
Votes: 623

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