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WarUniverse: Cosmos Online Download modded games for android 1 Choose one of the three feuding factions to side with and seize the control over The Universe with the help of other players.
Protect the sectors under control of your faction from constant threat of alien races and hostile factions attacks.
Obtain the ship you like and equip it in a way most suitable for you, choosing from many different parts.
Gain levels and with each one of them venture further into The Universe discovering new wonders.
Join a clan and make new friends with the same goal as you, together protecting your faction territories from threats and helping others weaker than you.
Take part in dynamic PvP fights with other players and enjoy this Massively Multiplayer Online Space Game the way you like with the others!
Join us, vast universe awaits you!

WarUniverse: Cosmos Online  screenshots 1WarUniverse: Cosmos Online  screenshots 2WarUniverse: Cosmos Online  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.spaiowenta.waruniverse
Filename: WarUniverse: Cosmos Online.APK

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