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Warlords: Turn Based RPG Games PVP & Role Playing 0.9.4 Download modded games for android 1 Welcome to free RPG games! Shadow legends ready to battle in PVP arena!

How long can worlds be saved?
It’s time to start conquering them and putting them in order!

It’s time to choose, who you want to be magic, warrior, or hunter?

Instead of saving the world – conquer it!
Summon heroes, lead a squad and make your rules!
Become the best commander in tactical turn-based RPG battle!

Summon different heroes, level up them, and equip them with the best artifacts to be successful in the Campaign and Battle on the Age Magic Arena PVP.

The continent is torn apart by the war between Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs. Each of them can become a fire mage, frightening warrior, or dexterous hunter!
Conquer all kingdoms and begin your domination!

Be ready for new challenges, other players – your direct opponents for taking the Crown, will challenge your rule.

Peoples are whispering about the invasion of the Undead hordes into the kingdom and about the animal-like humanoids near the border of the Eternal Forest.

Dwellers of the darkest dungeon awaken from centuries of sleep to challenge the fire mage Overlord.

Become a legend in the battle for the title of the best player raid and take first place in the world ranking!

War Lords game features:


* Summon different shadow legends
* Upgrade their levels and skills
* Choose the best artifacts and upgrade them
* Conquer a continent in a Story Campaign (PVE)
* Win boss in the raid


* Combine skills of heroes in synergy
* Place heroes in combat tactic positions
* Think over tactical steps


* Online Battles with other players
* Make your team for the Age Magic Arena PVP and
* Participate in the Tournament and get valuable prizes


* Campaign Story Mode (PVE)
* Online battles on PVP Arena
* Automatic battle
* Collecting Tribute
* Boss Battles in a dungeon
* Clan battles for territory


* Different races
* Wide range of battle areas
* Vivid effects

Join us in communities role play War Lords and communicate with like-minded people fantasy RPG adventure games:

VK – https://vk.com/warlordsgame
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Warlords-Age-of-Shadow-Magic-106195341167997/
Discord – https://discord.gg/X5zcMWPg3H

War Lords: Turn-Based RPG is a new collectible free role-playing game!
Best strategy games among magic games and turn-based RPG!

Promotional Codes:
Ghosts of War: WARLORDS
Tank Force (Europe): XAWE-D52R-EV2Q-RK9F
Tank Force (Singapore): YKQL-IHYQ-45GD-K9V1
Battle Tanks (Europe): HZCQ-PQYH-B1AQ-QS3J
Battle Tanks (Singapore): 3L11-D4Z4-N6BG-7TUD
Update 0.9.5
* Detailed information about equipments in reward slots
* Released Properties: Sentinel / Regeneration / First Strike / Revenge
* Released Effects: Stun / Provoke
* Lots fixes to stabilize the profile saving (Arena / Campaign)
* A set of solutions when the connection with the game is lost. Added reconnect attempts, if the connection is totally lost added special message about it
* Fixed stopping the battle when characters die from DOT effects
* Many other fixes (check FB community)

Warlords: Turn Based RPG Games PVP & Role Playing 0.9.4 screenshots 1Warlords: Turn Based RPG Games PVP & Role Playing 0.9.4 screenshots 2Warlords: Turn Based RPG Games PVP & Role Playing 0.9.4 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.extremedevelopers.warlords
Rating: 6.0
Filename: Warlords: Turn Based RPG Games PVP & Role Playing0.9.4.APK
Required: Android 5.0+
DOWNLOADs: 5,000+
Votes: 268

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