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War of Destiny Download modded games for android 1 The War of Destiny is coming. After planning for 20 years, the Imperial Army is about to launch its attack. The people of Earth have forgotten what war is like and the whole world is soon to be in the flames once again. Commander, your time has come. Can you save the planet from impending doom? Everyone is waiting to see what you can do!


Recruit Troops
– Constantly recruit new soldiers for different positions to fight the Empire.
– Expand your forces to defeat your opponents without much of a fight.
– Promote your soldiers when they are ready.

– Defeat your enemy together with like-minded allies.
– Fight for advanced technology and rutile energy from Imperial Spaceships.
– Join a force with a just cause that defends peace.

Real-Time Battles
– Unrestricted movements make battles and exploration even more flexible.
– The vast world map battle system creates the ideal stage for masters of strategy.
– Tactical and strategic deployment has even more mobility.

– Train your generals to make battles even more exciting.
– Generals can be trained in multiple ways to improve your battle command system.
– Seize the advantage at critical points on the ever-changing battlefield.

– Unrestricted building will make your base become increasingly more exciting.
– Place every plant and building anywhere you like.
– Upgrade the structures inside and outside your base to boost stats.
1. Optimized the zooming effect on the World Map. You can now zoom out further and locate targets faster and more accurately.
2. According to the feedback and suggestions we’ve received from players, we have adjusted the contents and rewards of Chapter Missions. You can go collect the rewards of the Chapter Missions that were already completed before the update without having to complete them again.

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