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US Police Cop Car Driving Game Download modded games for android 1 Let’s join the police cop car chasing simulator and take control of the unusual benefit of police cars in vehicles chasing games. Teach a lesson to city gangsters and apply handcuffs to drug dealers in the police car game. You have to patrol the whole city and save the innocent citizens by arresting the thieves. In the city some bikers are doing races that are not safe for the pedestrians so, you have to present fast car driving skills. Police cop car chase pursuit has many addictive features like their cars have built-in installed small machine guns on their rooftop, and for extra fast speed, you can use nitro. In short, if you love car driving game then go with these adventurous police cop car simulator game that has incredible car chasing missions. Do not worry if you are afraid of fast car driving, the police game will start from tutorial in which you will learn from the very basics of police car driving and you also have the advantage that you are the savior of humanity so, you will drive cop cars as a powerful police officer on his duty. Let’s chase the criminals with your police squad using real cop cars 3d in city traffic. Be careful from hitting other driving vehicles otherwise, you will lose your in-game score.

Police car chase mode: car crash series

To become a champion police cop first learn how to drive police cars, and chase in crime city. You will be granted powers, to stop fast cast drivers. You can show your police cop badge to anyone to stop doing unlawful activities. You have to free new york from crimes and knock out the land mafia. If you are fed up with the usual car driving games then you should play an advanced police car chase game that has exciting levels like you have to follow thieves on police cars catch the thieves in the police car game. It is not easy to drive cars in city traffic missions of cop car simulator game. Choose your police car according to your own car driving skill level. To unlock fast driving cars for chasing, collect coins in each level of police car simulator 3d. This police cop driving game has easy driving controls having multiple options like staring, tilt, left-right buttons for a comfortable driving experience.

Police cop crime chasing mode:

Fast racing cars are always liked by car driving games lovers, hence this cop car chase is full of real car racing experiences. Earn coins in every police mission to buy faster police cars. In this police driving simulator, you might have to drive in high traffic so improve your police vehicle driving skills so that no thugs can escape. Let’s start your car engine and zoom through high traffic roads at fast speed. This extreme car driving game has realistic car physics for police car gamers and it has thrilling gameplay. Start chasing criminals of all kinds with police car driving and avoid smashing the city cars.

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App ID: com.BestFreeGames.PoliceCopCarSimulatorCityMissions
Filename: US Police Cop Car Driving Game.APK

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