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Ultimate Truck Tow Simulator Download modded games for android 1 Drive your off road tow truck and transport cars that got in trouble in the simulator!

Your mission is to drive and transport trucks USA, oil tanks and other off road vehicles. At the beginning of the Truck simulator your tow truck is slow and heavy.
How to transport? It is easy!
Use a tow mechanism to hook trucks. tow accident truck simulator to the right place and earn money. Upgrade your off road tow truck to drive more accurate and tow all the cars in time.

Features of Free Tow Truck Simulator:

– Truck Simulator Ultimate
– Rough terrain
– Many trucks to transport
– Challenging off road missions
– Tow mechanism simulator
– Easy tow truck controls

Look for accident tow truck drivers who got into troubles with their off road transport. There are a lot of them in the truck simulator!

Drive, rescue and transport! It is not an easy simulator, but funny and challenging. Drive and follow arrows to find Accident off road USA trucks, park near them, hook by the tow mechanism and transport.
Become the off road tow truck driver.
Even you can’t drive in real life, you can drive a tow truck in the transport simulator. Drive all off road trucks in time.

Do it today – drive an off road tow truck! Transport as a professional. Test your skills, drive a truck in the simulator. Upgrade your transport and open new levels.
Drive through simulator’s locations and find all off road trucks to transport them. But be accurate, don’t lose any cargo.

Each USA truck is unique, find your strategy to drive the car. You need to transport the vehicles in the simulator by your tow truck quickly. It is not easy to drive in the transport simulator!
But there are simulator’s arrows, pedals, tow mechanism and a lot of off road vehicles to drive.

Rescue all vehicles! You are a professional. Train yourself, learn how to drive a tow truck and transport all vehicles in the simulator. There are a few cameras in the Off road Tow Truck Simulator to help you to drive.

If you like vehicles, we made ultimate this tow truck simulator for you!.

Ultimate Truck Tow Simulator  screenshots 1Ultimate Truck Tow Simulator  screenshots 2Ultimate Truck Tow Simulator  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.asw.tow.truck.simulator
Filename: Ultimate Truck Tow Simulator.APK

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