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Times Tables: Mental Math Games for Kids Free Download modded games for android 1 Free multiplication & mental math games for kids!

Learn math with one of the most engaging and exciting times tables multiplication games today! Ditch old school multiplication flash cards and make learning times tables and math facts fun for all! ? This learning genie grants all of your math learning wishes! After just a few rounds, your little one will be a math ninja in no time! Whether it’s 2nd grade math or 3rd grade math, you can switch up math practice in the classroom with these free, multiplication games designed to supplement memorizing big math flash cards or multiplication tables. ??? You won’t have to do any mental math to see that this 1:1 math practice game makes learning multiplication tables and math facts a blast.

Choose from 5 multiplication games for kids ?

? Mental Math Game Mode ?
Your kid will begin their times tables multiplication with the hamster and his colorful balloons. ?? Join and learn math facts while discovering new mystical worlds. ?️? Answer the big math flash cards correctly and the hamster will continue his multiplication games. The hamster is the ultimate learning genie here to help your little one become a super math ninja! ?

? Math Ninja Practice Stages ?
New to 2nd grade math or 3rd grade math? Learning game mode is the best place to start learning multiplication tables!

Our brain ? can absorb the most from these free multiplication games when we engage all our senses! Classroom teaching methods of times tables multiplication focus on perceptive memory. Each auditory ?, verbal ? and kinesthetic ✍️ lesson exercises the brain and its learning storage. You’ll see the math practice pay off while your kid enjoys getting better at times tables and ultimately becomes a math facts master.

? Math Facts Master – Challenge mode ?
Answer as many “math practice” exercises as possible with a timer! This way your kids learn can mental math 1:1 and competitively.

? Multiplication Tables & Math Practice Learning Mode ?
Select and focus on the math facts of your choice. By focusing on their weak timetables, kids can focus on improving and learn big math flash cards. This is perfect for 2nd grade math or 3rd grade math students focusing on times tables multiplication.

?‍?‍?‍? Free Multiplication Games Multiplayer mode ?‍?‍?‍?
Challenge other kids from school to a 1:1 competition of times tables! Who can answer each of the big math flash cards faster? Multiplication tables are more fun with friends and family!

Become a math facts master??

Take your kid’s education to the next level! This learning genie grants your kid the tools to start learning 3rd grade math quickly and easily and to one day become the math facts master! The best part is that times tables multiplication and mental math expertise is only a download away. With our free multiplication games, your kid will have the math ninja skills to ace the next times tables quiz.
– Now offering multiplication tables 13-20 in Challenge-, Game- and 2-Player Mode.
– Exciting new game mode interface!

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