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The Wild Darkness Download modded games for android 1 Inside a forest on a mysterious world…
A sorcerer is casting a spell in the dark.
Once the ritual was complete, a streak of light fell from the sky.

Then you regain consciousness in the middle of a strange forest.
Where… Am I? Where is this place?!

Game Features

You have been summoned to another world, against your will.
You know nothing, and everything is foreign to you.

You must find food for yourself, and be cautious of monsters that emerge at night.
If you let your guard down, it’ll be the end of you.
If you die, it will be game over, and you must start from the very beginning.

However, with every death comes more knowledge about
crafting and totems, which can help you to finish the game.

It requires patience and focus, but you will find joy in your journey.

Now, be brave! Your destiny awaits you!
Challenge yourself, in a brand new game experience in another world!

7-day reward added.
Decreased the probability of appearance of Caterpillar and Ground Snake in the early area.
Increased armor reinforcement.
The effect of strengthening armor is less than that of strengthening weapons, so the armor strengthening value has been adjusted.
HP bonus increases according to armor enhancement.
Defense has a defense effect against magic damage (75% effect)
Adjustment of weapon reinforcement values as armor reinforcement increases (10-20%)
Other bug fixes.

The Wild Darkness screenshots 1The Wild Darkness screenshots 2The Wild Darkness screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.ctugames.km2
Filename: The Wild Darkness.APK
DOWNLOADs: 1,000,000+
Votes: 30051

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