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The Search for Planet X Download modded games for android 1 Since 2016, astronomers have been searching for a large, distant planet to explain the unique orbits of objects in our solar system.

In THE SEARCH FOR PLANET X, a tabletop board game from Foxtrot Games, you will take on the role of these astronomers, using observations and logical deductions to search for this distant planet. The game uses a companion app to randomly choose a location for Planet X and other objects, following predefined logic rules.

As the earth travels around the sun, you will interact with the app to perform various research actions. You’ll note what you learn on your deduction sheet, and you’ll be able to piece together all the available information to publish theories and score points.

THE SEARCH FOR PLANET X captures the thrill of discovery, the puzzly-nature of astronomical investigation, and the competition inherent in the scientific process.

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App ID: com.foxtrotgames.planet9
Filename: The Search for Planet X.APK

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