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Teddy Freddy Download modded games for android 1 What to do if you wake up scared to death in a strange house and hear footsteps and unhuman growls behind the door? Sure, hide and find your way out of here! Just be careful, or you’ll become a victim of a terrible teddy bear head maniac, called Teddy Freddy by locals.

If you are a fan of horror or hide and seek genre, and Granny and FNAF are not empty words to you, then you should definitely play our game! Explore a gloomy deserted house full of weird toys, solve complicated riddles and puzzles, seek and use items and notes you’ve found to understand the unique story of a terrible monster. Silence is your key to survival! Be quiet and cautious as he hears your every move! Remember: Freddy is always around waiting for your mistake!

Our game features:

★ A huge house with lots of rooms and secret corridors. Be the first to solve all its mysteries and get out alive!
★ An atmosphere of fear and dread, like in real horror. Scary screamers will keep you on tenterhooks!
★ A thrilling, unique story with several possible endings. It’s up to you to decide how to escape from the house!
★ Intriguing puzzles. Solve them all to stay alive!
★ A terrible and smart monster with excellent vision and hearing. Avoid making noise but move hidden, so that you do not become his next victim!
★ Several levels of difficulty. If you want to go through a fascinating story without being distracted by a cat-and-mouse game with the monster, then ‘Practice’ mode is designed just for you. If you’re a hardcore fan, try your hand at Pro’ or ‘Extreme’ modes.
★ Compete with your friends. Go through the game the fastest, solving all the quests, and hit the leaderboard!

Find out what kind of scary thing in the guise of a teddy bear keeps the whole town in awe in the adventure game Teddy Freddy Horror Quest. Perhaps after passing our game you will change your attitude towards your favorite soft toy.

For a better immersion in the action we recommend playing with headphones.

We keep developing our game, constantly improving it. If you have cool ideas – just email us!

The game contains ads.




Look for Christmas balls in the house
Decorate the Christmas tree
Get gifts!
In-game currency and store added
New languages: Spanish and Portuguese
Minor bugs fixed

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.tortuga.horror
Filename: Teddy Freddy.APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 938

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