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Talbot, the chatbot Download modded games for android 1 Talbot is a free and funny chatbot, you can use it if you are bored and no friends are available to chat: he will answer you anytime and anywhere!

If you are shy, if you need some advice or just to let off steam, don’t worry, Talbot is here for you: use him to chat, his humour will amaze you and will surely amuse you!
You can even ask him questions directly with your voice, thanks to the microphone button.
And now you can also customize it by changing the background or setting it with male or female voice.

Talbot is constantly updated, he learns every day and every week his replies are improved … so come back often to talk to him, always keep him with you for a quick chat and amaze your friends with this incredible chatterbot!
Download it now, it’s free!

Talbot speaks ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE: please note that all the languages are implemented via an automatic translator, so, be kind in your Play Store review ?

+++ Talbot uses filters to block inappropriate responses, however some sentences may not be intercepted, which is why the minimum age to use Talbot is 12 years. +++

Talbot, the chatbot  screenshots 1Talbot, the chatbot  screenshots 2Talbot, the chatbot  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.matteogabella.chatbot
Filename: Talbot, the chatbot.APK

Download APK


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