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T-Rex Fights More Dinosaurs Download modded games for android 1 T-Rex, also known as the Tyrannosaurus Rex is the literal king of all the dinosaurs. This ultimate predatory dinosaur has invaded many territories from many eras, including the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous rea. The era of jurassic lies many challenge, from deadly dinosaurs, harsh winter and fearsome competitors

The native dinosaur apex predator such as Baryonyx, Acrocanthosaurus, Giganotosaurus and apex herbivore such as the Sinoceratops (Triceratops cousin), Nodosaurus (Ankylosaurus cousin) and Kentrosaurus (Stegosaurus cousin) all want to defend their homeland from Tyrannosaurus Rex invasion. They fight hard to become the dinosaur lord and survive in their respective area.

The arena has been been complted. The dinosaurs found some arena to prove themselves that they are the strongest dinosaur fighter in the world. Many dinosaurs from many eras and areas entered the arena, but only one can come as the top dino.

How To Play:
– Use joystick to move around as the T-Rex or other dinosaurs
– Press four attack buttons to attack enemy dinosaur
– Build up combo and unlock special attack
– Press special attack button to unleash powerful hit and stun enemy dino

– Detailed prehistoric graphics
– Fun three campaigns, from snowy world, savanna and volcanic area
– Awesome gameplay of triassic, jurassic and cretaceous dinosaur park game
– Mind-blowing simulation as hungry T-Rex
– Great sound effects and awesome action music
– Pick up to 14 different dinosaurs from T-Rex, Pteranodon, Sarcosuchus, to Diplodocus and Stygimoloch

T-Rex Fights More Dinosaurs  screenshots 1T-Rex Fights More Dinosaurs  screenshots 2T-Rex Fights More Dinosaurs  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.Dexus.Dinosaur.TRexFights.MoreDinosaurs
Filename: T-Rex Fights More Dinosaurs.APK

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