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T-Rex Fights Carnotaurus Download modded games for android 1 T-Rex is rampaging the whole world of Jurassic Dinosaur era! The T-Rex visited the dangerous primal desert in Jurassic era. He want to ravage everything on that place. But he met another apex predator of the desert, the Carnotaurus.

Carnotaurus is a horned dinosaur that lives in harsh desert of Jurassic era. They are the apex species of their ecosystem. They constantly doing a dinosaur hunting to eat some herbivorous dinosaurs and content their hunger.

The two apex predator are the best of their kind. Will the old dino king, Tyrannosaurus Rex be able to defeat the desert hunter king of Jurassic era, Carnotaurus in a dinosaur match battle? Let’s see in this awesome games of T-Rex vs Carnotaurus fight!

How To Play:
– Use joystick to move around as the T-Rex or Carno
– Press four attack buttons to attack enemy dinosaur
– Build up combo and unlock special attack
– Press special attack button to unleash powerful hit and stun enemy dino

– Awesome realistic 2D graphics
– Play as two different wild dinosaurs from different era
– Feel the thrilling and fun jurassic experience
– Realistic sound effects and impressive action music

Developed by Eric Dibtra

T-Rex Fights Carnotaurus  screenshots 1T-Rex Fights Carnotaurus  screenshots 2T-Rex Fights Carnotaurus  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.Dexus.Dinosaur.TRexFights.Carnotaurus
Filename: T-Rex Fights Carnotaurus.APK

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