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.Sutoko : Thriller Sms Games Download modded games for android 1 Sutoko : sms games, thriller, romance, drama

Do you like to play interactive and intriguing sms stories? From suspense to romance, immerse yourself in chat stories and make choices that will impact the story. Can you come up with better endings than other players? ?

An interactive gaming experience with over 100,000 players ?
Sutoko brings together interactive stories, free adventure games in a world full of emotions.

Choose your stories and control their endings by making the right choices! Discover fun and intriguing stories, with many characters and quests.
Using your reflection and your feelings, experiences and instincts, create your own endings, uncover secrets and discover the answers to the enigmas.

A thriller story is published weekly ?
Once the application is downloaded, feel the psychological atmosphere caused by the narrative tension and live a unique experience.

Once per week, choose your game category, short story or long story. Let the interactive visuals guide you through the role-playing scenarios and mysterious stories.

Let your imagination run wild as you create your stories!
With the help of an SMS simulator, become the narrator of your stories.
Do you like romantic dramas? A psychological thriller? A love story? A scary story?
Push the limits of your imagination and create your titles, characters, messages to make it a conversation and publish your work!

Horror ?: Scare your readers by surprising them with your scary creations!
Drama ?: Imagine the tragic end you dream of.
Love ❀️: Create texts with love relationships, create romances between different characters.

Advance in the stories by unlocking rewards ?
As you browse Sutoko from your tablet or smartphone, you’ll find hidden objects, venture yourself into discussions to get trophies and unlock rewards.

During a break in the day or in the evening at home, you’ll find short and long stories depending on how much time you have to play.

The main features of .Sutoko at a glance

– Play chat-based narrative stories with addictive scenarios
– Create your own stories and share them with your players.
– Unlock trophies and rewards throughout your games
– Access the store and expand your gaming experience
– Download a story and play without an internet connection!

Accessibilities, Youtubeurs, Internet broadcasts
The games are adapted so that players with hearing problems can follow all the scenarios without any problems. Continue the plot according to your own choices and see how the story ends.

Stay tuned and please let me know if you have any bugs, questions, feature requests or suggestions. I’ll make sure this application is always improving ❀️

Above all, you are all free and encouraged to make videos on Youtube, Twitch, and any other platform! ?
Hello everyone!
Some bug fixes are available in this version.
It also brings :
– The ability to rate a story,
– The possibility to play the games you have downloaded without the Internet,
– From now on, your stories are shared with those of the players who have the application on iPhone,
– Some parts of the interface have been redesigned to create a certain atmosphere of mystery.
Wish u a good game!

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App ID: fr.purpletear.sutoko
Filename: .Sutoko : Thriller Sms Games.APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 35858

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