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Solitaire free: 140 card games. Classic solitaire Download modded games for android 1 140 card games. All solitaire games in one pack. Try this solitaire card games free.
♣ A large set of card games without Internet. All solitaire games in English
♣ We have card games that you may not see in every collection: Carpet, Monte Carlo, Yukon, FreeCell, Australian Solitaire, Algerian Solitaire, Alternation, Desire, Scorpio, Forty Thieves
♣ We also have the familiar and beloved solitaire games: Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Three Peaks, Canfield
♣ And many more games. We have more than 140 pieces of them in one collection

Game features:
β™  Over 140 solitaire games. In each update, 3-4 new solitaire games are added
β™  Simple and intuitive interface. The interface is optimized for different screens.
β™  Completely free. All solitaire games are available to play. There are no restrictions!
β™  Vertical and horizontal screen orientation. You will find it more comfortable to play some games in horizontal orientation and other games in vertical orientation. Try it yourself!
β™  Layout for right and left hands. Customize this option in the menu as you wish
β™  Different decks. Choose the deck that you like. There is also a selection of card backs and backgrounds
β™  Detailed rules. All the rules are briefly and clearly described for each solitaire game. There is a video instruction for many solitaire games
β™  Detailed statistics. After the game, you get detailed results: percentage of wins, number of moves and hints, time spent, overall rating. Old records are also visible, so you can try to break them!
β™  Autocompletion. To save you time, the game will be completed automatically with animation when all moves are already known
β™  Saving history of moves. You can continue the game at any time
β™  Unlimited cancellations. All your moves are saved, you can undo them as many times as you like. You can also replay the game from the beginning with an old deck
β™  Games search. You can easily find solitaire game by name

β™  Cards are moved by clicking, not dragging. To move a map, click on it (it will highlight), then click on the location where you want to move it
β™  To invoke a hint, just swipe left on the screen or press the button in the top menu
β™  To undo a move, swipe right or press the button in the top menu
β™  To show the top bar with buttons, swipe down ANYWHERE on the screen

Enjoy your game!
β˜… New games: Diplomat, Six piles, Light and shadow
β˜… A panel has been added that shows how many cards are left in reserve in some solitaires
β˜… Some minor bugs have been fixed

Solitaire free: 140 card games. Classic solitaire screenshots 1Solitaire free: 140 card games. Classic solitaire screenshots 2Solitaire free: 140 card games. Classic solitaire screenshots 3

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App ID: com.tomato.pasbayan
Rating: 10.0
Filename: Solitaire free: 140 card games. Classic solitaire2.31.02.14.APK
Required: Android 4.4+
DOWNLOADs: 500,000+
Votes: 3290

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