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Ruins of Marr – Roguelike RPG Download modded games for android 1 A turn-based roguelike dungeon crawler RPG built from the ground up for mobile. Featuring pixel art graphics, permadeath, and a procedurally generated dungeon you must explore the ruins and save the Kingdom!

The kingdom of Marr has been corrupted by an evil sorcerer!
You must go on an adventure into the depths of the ruins to defeat the evil and restore peace to the lands!

This is a roguelike RPG with permadeath so once you are slain you will have to start from the beginning again. Choose between the Fighter, Ranger, or wizard and go on a perilous adventure!

In Ruins of Marr you will explore a variety of themes including a dungeon, caves, and crypts. There are many different enemy types and unique bosses to challenge your skills!

Please note this is still in active development and more content & features will continue to be added in the future!
Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements
Some examples:
– Potions of Poison now default to throw when used
– Fixed many cases of missing text
– There is now a cancel button when targeting
– Summoners no longer break the game if they die the turn after summoning
Added new features to dungeon generation to add more variety for different areas of the game

More content and fixes to come

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App ID: com.grg.ruinsofmarr
Filename: Ruins of Marr – Roguelike RPG.APK
DOWNLOADs: 10,000+
Votes: 157

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