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Ramayan 2020 Download modded games for android 1 ‘Ramayanas 2020 Ramnavami Special’ is superb 2D game based on the famous ‘Ram’ Vs. ‘Ravan’ war offers great archery action. Epic in ancient Indian literature; ‘Ramayan’ written by Famous saint ‘Valmiki’. It is most famous Indian story of great deity Ram, The Prince of Ayodhya and his heroism with Sita (princess) and Lakshman (brother). Ram came back to Ayodhya from Lanka after winning war against famous Rakshas Ravan.

On the very occasion of Dussehra or Vijayadashami Ram Killed Ravan (demon) who has 10 heads and burnt his capital – Lanka on the occasion of Dussehra! This Dussehra each one can become ram and kill the 10 heads of evil Ravan which represents – Dishonesty, hate, extortion, evil, misuse of power, egoism, lack of conscience, apathy, lust and anger!

Prince Ram is hero of the Game – Ramayan with special Astras to fight against ghastly demons.

This game has 18 levels and in each level one has to kill 10 heads of ‘Ravan’ the ultimate demon as it is said that he had 10 heads.

Each head would fetch you 1000 points and there are many hurdles you have to pass to get the magical kill no. Help Ram to Conquer lost Sita and his land.

Arrow automatically spawn when you touch that part of screen and you can tilt the bow to change the path of projectile.

Seeta who’s legacy later transposed to rani Padmavati was to be rescued !

We are launching the game on the occasion of great ‘Ramnavmi’ – The day we celebrate as the birthday of our great god Ram.

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App ID: com.AbracaDabra.Ramayan
Filename: Ramayan 2020.APK
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