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Quick party: Life challenge Download modded games for android 1 Match the tile. Guess what they answer. Stay away from spikes. Run faster than the Raptor.
In this party game series, you compete against different players with high IQ range.
Move quick and stand on the matching tile to avoid falling.
Jump fast when the deadly spin comes.
Run and don’t stand on the way of the moving Raptor.
Or push the button swiftly to answer the question. You will win if most of the audiences choose the same answer as yours.
Can you spot it quick to make it on time with the right tile?
Or can you read their minds to choose the most common answer?

Quick party: Life challenge  screenshots 1Quick party: Life challenge  screenshots 2Quick party: Life challenge  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.amplayin.party.match
Filename: Quick party: Life challenge.APK

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