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Prison Transport Simulator 1.1 Download modded games for android 1 Prison transport simulator game is a criminal police game in which you will play as a prisoner transporter. You will have to transport criminal prisoners from one place to another with high security on cop cars and on your way, there will be attacks on prisoner bus to free criminal prisoners. Each level will be more challenging and will be difficult for criminal prisoners transporter to transport high profile criminals to a safe place in police games.

Transport simulator police is an adventurous criminal police game where you will enjoy the height of adventure while transporting criminals from one jail to another and facing enemies attacks on your way in cop games. There will be police vehicles as well to protect the prisoner transport driver and police car will be there for security purposes.

Enjoy the adventure of driving a police van full of jail criminals and make it possible to transport them from one jail to another while going through lots of enemies attacks and hurdles on your way in the prison transport simulator. With every stage of this criminal police game you cross, the task of transporting prison criminals becomes more difficult and thrilling in cop games.

Prison Transport Simulator Criminal Police is best game for adventure lovers or people who love to play police games, transport games, criminal prisoners games, or cop games. You can enjoy all these thrilling features in the prison transport simulator criminal police game. Enjoy driving a police bus full of criminal prisoners and go through an adventurous journey to transport criminals from on jail to another one while facing enemies attacks and hurdles on your way in cop games.

Prison transport simulator criminal police game is a cop game in which police officers have to transport prison criminals in police car with high security from one jail to another jail and this patrol police has to face lots of difficulties because there are enemies trying to free criminal prisoners in cop games.

Prison Transport Simulator – Criminal Police Game Features:
Transport criminal prisoners from one jail to another
Drive cop car full of criminal prisoners moving with high security
Enemies attacks on the way of transporting criminal prisoners
Task is to transport criminal prisoner safely to destination in police car

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App ID: com.blackfootgames.prisoner.transport.service
Rating: 4.2
Filename: Prison Transport Simulator1.1.APK
Required: 5.1
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+
Votes: 1

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