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Pair Up – Match Two Puzzle Tiles! Download modded games for android 1 Three is a crowd. Match two instead!

Tap on a sticker, find its pair, and it just feels so good.
Pair Up is a deeply satisfying match-two game that presents a treat for the eyes and tickles the brain. A perfect little puzzle game on the go or whenever you just need a little escape. Pair Up also has unlockable themes to suit any mood or craving you might have – cute animals, mouth-watering food, whatever floats your boat.

Key Features:
Tactile and satisfying match-2 gameplay
Helpful power-ups and hints
Unlockable themes to suit any mood
Timed challenge mode for faster paced play

Pair Up is a classic game with an interesting and simple concept that asks players to find pairs of icon/images that are randomized to form an unbroken line.
Sometimes referred to Onet which is popular in South East Asia, the game is similar to the Japanese tile-based game which uses Mahjong tiles called Shisen-Sho.

Play in exciting modes and unlock cool themes. Accept the challenge and prove yourself by achieving the highest score in PAIR UP.


1. Find 2 identical tiles.
2. Tap the first tile and then the second to clear them from the board.
3. Tiles can only be matched if the line connecting the 2 of them together is not blocked by another tile.

Pair Up is simple yet addicting, connect two puzzle game with fresh game play. If you like connect/matching games, then your will love Pair Up!

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Welcome to global launch!
We hope you enjoy the relaxing match-2 gameplay.

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