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Logo quiz 2022 Download modded games for android 1 Logo quiz – a new interesting quiz game 2020, for those who like to guess the brands and logos of different companies. Guess the brand from the logo is a different name for the game as logos and brand are the same.

Logomania is 5 different games: guess the logo by letters, guess the speed from 4 variants, guess the country, determine which logo is older! Find out the age of familiar brands!

The game has many sections: cars, internet companies and junk food (chips, soda, etc.) and clothes 🙂 Only modern logos that we see every day and know well!

Guess the brand – everything is very simple in the game, a photo of the brand is shown, you need to write the brand name in Russian letters, if you don’t know, skip the level and go to the next. Completed the game – you will receive a certificate of successful completion!

Logo quiz 2020 – it’s very easy, because each of us has our own phone and every day we click on the icons of popular companies.

Guess the car logo in Russian – there are brands of popular cars in the game, test your wits and see if you can pass all the levels without mistakes!

A logo is a trademark of a company, product or product; a set of graphic, textual and other information related to the company!

The logo quiz world is completely no internet connection and no purchases. If you liked our quiz game, the best payment is to post a review. Thanks you!

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App ID: com.AntonBergov.logo
Filename: Logo quiz 2022.APK

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