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JapaneseOfficeSimulator Download modded games for android 1 JapaneseOfficeSimulator is a game that matches players from all over the world.
The four of us working together to get out of the office on time while avoiding our bosses.
It’s an online multi-retirement game.

The company in which the game takes place is an unbelievably black company.
You have to stay up all night every day and your body and mind are at their limits.
You have to go home on time today.
You’ve got to go home on time today!

▼The rules are simple
Let’s leave the office within three minutes of being on time!
Let’s not forget to get the daily report.
The door is locked in multiple layers, so we’ll call labor to get it open!
If your boss finds you on the way, he’ll dump you for a job.

▼Get your title in the Gacha.
I’m going to fly out to work with the title I got from the mess!
You can combine multiple titles to create your own unique title!
“Japanese Office Simulator” English ver Released!

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App ID: com.staminatech.leaveoffice
Filename: JapaneseOfficeSimulator.APK
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+
Votes: 835

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