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Intellectual riddles, intelligence test, math game 13 Download modded games for android 1 Challenge your intelligence by intelligence tests and math games.
Solving riddles and brain teasers are in the most enjoyable pastimes. Challenge your mind by solving puzzles and riddles. Especially visual intelligence tests.
In the riddle’s world you have to answer to the conundrums and go to the next level and gain coins. At first, the game starts with the simple riddles but then it gets harder and more complicated.
Every day that you get into the game, you gain daily coins which help you solve the riddles faster and easier.
Actually the riddle and visual intelligence test application, which has answers, in addition to entertainment, is an intelligence test in the form of a game. This application contains of a lot of intelligence tests and attractive riddles which can entertain you for hours. By solving these puzzles and math games, exam your intelligence and get more clever.
Game features:
• Daily coins
• Completely free
• No need of internet
• Vocabulary upgrade
• Simple, dynamic and attractive environment
• Upgrade the level of your IQ
• Helping to boost your memory
• Increasing the level of your accuracy
• Upgrading your vocabulary knowledge
• Word guessing game for families
All kind of visual puzzles, puzzle words, riddles, math, general information and… all in one app!

Intellectual riddles, intelligence test, math game 13 screenshots 1Intellectual riddles, intelligence test, math game 13 screenshots 2Intellectual riddles, intelligence test, math game 13 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.mohssenteck.moamaochistan
Filename: Intellectual riddles, intelligence test, math game13.APK
Required: Android 4.2+
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 4787

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