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Idle Nomad – Bum Clicker Download modded games for android 1 Have you thought about turning your life upside down, tearing apart from nomad bum life, just start moving forward,earning money and just giving it a try?

Well, now you can! Bagger life can be quite cruel and harsh, but the brave ones don’t give up when facing troubles.Remember, there’s always a rainbow after the rain, and this idle game is not an exception.

Idle Tramp makes it possible to find out how the social ladder works, and what skills it takes to become part of a society. Clicker games can give quite a realistic experience vibe providing an opportunity to guide it from total zero to some ups.

In the game you can find yourself in the situation of living on the street and trying to get better by managing your skills (dancing, music, sport, tricks etc, and presenting it to the public audience in different locations (street, metro, park and more according to the level). Entertaining people being out of a normal, social nomad thing is kind of a challenge, but it makes this idle game feel good to dive in.

Game advantages:
-Variety of content presented in the game
-As mentioned here before, you’ll be unlocking different spots where earned skills can be presented. The more you do, the more locations and skills you’ll get access to.
-Easy to pick it up gameplay
-The gameplay is created in the way that it can be easily understood by players.
-Offline game possibility
-No need to be worried about Internet connection! Play anytime at any place because this idle works just fine when you want to be in the movement and stay connected.

Get an income even when being offline.
Idle Tramp gives you a chance to feel and try out the social ladder and try to include yourself in the life actions going on. You can improve personal and social skills, earn money, get social approval, in a few words – really get real life vibes here. So, don’t hesitate to download the Idle Tramp and get the best piece of social moving from totale scratch.

Idle Nomad - Bum Clicker  screenshots 1Idle Nomad - Bum Clicker  screenshots 2Idle Nomad - Bum Clicker  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.littlebit.idletrampp
Rating: 3.4
Filename: Idle Nomad – Bum Clicker.APK
Votes: 2.16K

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