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IDLE GOG Download modded games for android 1 “IDLE GOG” is a brand new 3D exploration card mobile game that takes you to the other side of the magical world! The tide of magic is coming, the gods awaken, enemies lurking around you. Hurry up to the magical new continent, transform into a hero of the savior, receive the power of the gods and fight through the frontiers, awaken the supreme power to drive away the darkness!
◇ All Heroes unite and explore the Abyss – Heroes rise and decide victory. When strangers come, the lost world opens!

◇ A group of low-level heroes summon Super Heroes – Continue training and become a Progressive Hero, summoning Elite Heroes. Lead the mightiest team to the temple!

◇ Diverse gameplay, no longer boring – Magic Lamp, Eternal Abyss, Zodiac, Boss Challenge. Change at will, combine popular Heroes.

◇ Cultivate unique strategies to improve combat power – Hero formations, attribute combinations and hidden powers! Build a pre-war strategy for an outstanding counterattack!

◇ Easy Idle Rewards – Auto-battle at idle, AFK get multiple rewards! Online 5 minutes a day for free bonus!

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.redriver.shjjc
Filename: IDLE GOG.APK

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