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Hybrid Titan Spino Rampage Download modded games for android 1 From the depths of Titan Trench, the usurper of the throne rises. Titan Spinosaurus has been reanimated by the irradiated toxic waste dumped into the trench! What was once a fearsome dinosaur that can compete with the Tyrannosaurus Rex has now been remade into an awesome Titan of extreme powers. The Titan Spinosaurus now seeks to destroy the humans for waking it from its eternal slumber.
The humans won’t go down without a fight! Police, soldiers, trucks, tanks, helicopters, and even powerful jaegers are deployed in an effort to destroy the Titan Spinosaurus. But the Titan will adapt and evolve, the humans’ attacks will not deter the Titan! The Titan Spinosaurus breaks through the human city in a raging rampage!

How long can the humans last under the reign of the new Titan King?

– Cool 2D graphics
– Rampage through a procedurally generated city!
– Fun destruction and physics!
– Titanic gameplay!
– Nice sound effects and music

Become Titan Spinosaurus and destroy the humans! Download now!

Hybrid Titan Spino Rampage  screenshots 1Hybrid Titan Spino Rampage  screenshots 2Hybrid Titan Spino Rampage  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.Dexus.Dinosaur.Hybrid.Rampage.TitanSpino
Filename: Hybrid Titan Spino Rampage.APK

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