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Hungry Apex World Dino Hunt Download modded games for android 1 The world of jurassic era has come to near end. The apex prehistoric predators are on the loose to hunt every other dinosaurs for their tasty meat!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is leading an invasion to the Isla Bonita, a green, prehistoric island home to many other dinosaurs, including the mighty Brontosaurus.

While the T-Rex is invading the island, the mighty Carnotaurus is attacking a barren wasteland called El Dorado. A graveyard for many dinosaurs and a place Stegosaurus call home.

Velociraptor alpha and its raptor squad became the desert king. The jurassic desert is a place where the great Triceratops lies.

Last, but not least, the giant Spinosaurus. This false king is invading a coastal area in the south east world, a dangerous habitat for Ankylosaurus.

The four apex predators are running, hungry and ready to hunt anything that moves. Help them to find foods and evolve to beocome the Dominator!

How To Play:
– Use joystick to move around as the apex predators
– Press attack button to strike and hunt the predators and preys alike
– Press special attack button to dash forward and strike your enemy

– Awesome 3D graphics
– Up to 4 different area to hunt on
– Free mode! Play without any time limit!
– Fun gameplay!
– Nice music and sound effects
– Unlock 16 total different dinosaurs to play!
– More than 50 dinosaurs to hunt!

Developed by Eric Dibtra

Hungry Apex World Dino Hunt  screenshots 1Hungry Apex World Dino Hunt  screenshots 2Hungry Apex World Dino Hunt  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.Dexus.Dinosaur.HungryDinosaur.ApexWorld
Filename: Hungry Apex World Dino Hunt.APK

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