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Homeless Life Download modded games for android 1 When playing the role of homeless people, making their living, what will you do to earn money, buy food, find a place to live, life is not easy, surviving in the city is a challenge. .
The life of a homeless person, at first you will have to beg for money, the game allows you to earn extra money by buying and changing clothes in the style of the homeless, the fashion of the homeless Also a way to make money.
You can cosplay other jobs like magician, street painter, saxophone, astronaut, etc.
Also you can go all over the world to cities, tokyo, paris, greece, meet famous people like singers, billionaires, actors, to beg.

Homeless Life  screenshots 1Homeless Life  screenshots 2Homeless Life  screenshots 3

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App ID: com.mysticgamedev.idleclickbeggar
Filename: Homeless Life.APK

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