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Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks Download modded games for android 1 Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks is a turn-based puzzle game with minimalist design. Challenge your brain to solve this clever AI puzzle experience. You will strategically turn hexagons to block triangle’s way to the squares. This is one of the best brain tests and the most unique brain games in the store! Puzzles, mind games, mind tests, and brain tests are the best apps to improve your IQ, intelligence, and brain skills. Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks test will give you that experience by challenging your brain and mind to its limit.

Free your mind by solving hex AI puzzles with this new indie game.

Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks brings you:
• Pure puzzle solving with simple & minimalist visuals
• Brain teaser challenges that put your logic skills to the test
• Carefully crafted AI with 96 levels
• Variety of unique game mechanics
• Endless mode: get your high score and post it to the global leaderboards
• 4 different special moves: double turn, freeze, distraction, remover
• Google Play Games integration with 20 achievements

Solve this cool new rewarding experience that packed the room of 4 packages. Lock the greedy AI so it won’t reach the square. Get ready to brain teaser challenges to test your block logic skills. This discrete thinking serves you fun hex puzzle and block AI puzzle experience at its finest.

Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks is one of a kind. It tests users ability to see patterns, series, logical reasoning, and randomness. By challenging the intelligence of the user, Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks will make you smarter and become the perfect solution to your boredom. You will never get bored again after playing Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks. Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks is also a brain test app. It tests your brain and creative abilities. The purpose of this brain game is to make sure that the triangle is trapped in the middle and does not reach any of the squares by the borders of the board. You will use your logical, pattern, analysis, brain puzzle skills, brain game talent, and creative skills.

Skills you will gain in this game:
• Brain skills
• Puzzle skills
• Mind power
• Intelligence improvement
• Intelligence
• Brain testing
• Creative reasoning
• Quantitative IQ reasoning, Math IQ reasoning, logical IQ skills
• Pattern testing
• Brain puzzles, brain tests, test your brain, test your iq, iq test, brain matching tests, brain out testing, braindom testing, brainy puzzle testing
• Much more

How many levels do we have on Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks
• We have infinite mode! You can play the game forever until you get bored.
• We have multiple packages in the game.

Enjoy the game and let us know if you have any questions!

Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks  screenshots 1Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks  screenshots 2Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.wonderkiddevelopment.hexaturn
Filename: Hexa Turn: Hexa Puzzle Blocks.APK

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