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Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG 1.0.42 Download modded games for android 1 EXPLORE, FIGHT, LOOT
In this nostalgia fueled, free to play RPG: explore a new world, enjoy turn-based combat, and collect loot to create the perfect build to conquer your enemies.

Build your origin town as a home base and set forth on your adventure across a hand-crafted game world. Uncover the story of a fallen land, unlock new classes, and become the Hero of Aethric!

With new updates every month you will get to watch the lands of Aethric evolve over time. New questlines, events and features will be introduced that change the way you play the game.

Team up with friends or tackle things alone. Fight in the arena or go dungeon crawling with your party. The choice is yours on how your adventure will play out.

Every choice you make will work towards levelling up your character, unlocking new gear and classes. Experience diverse and complex character builds and truly play your way!

β˜… Class System – gain experience and unlock over 50 unique classes and specializations. Start as a thief, mage or warrior and choose your path.
β˜… Free to play – we believe in no paywalls, ads, or aggressive monetization – play through the game entirely for free!
β˜… Collect loot – combine armor, weapons, and spells to craft the perfect build to take down your foes.
β˜… World Raids – portals to other realms will open allowing you to join thousands of other Heroes from across the world to face off against raid bosses in MMORPG battles
β˜… Pixel RPG – pixel art style that will remind you of classic, old-school RPGS.
β˜… Story Campaign – meet new characters that will aid you in your quest. Discover the world of Aethric and bring peace to these fallen lands.
β˜… Kingdom gameplay – join a guild with other players to take on unique quests and raids.
…and much more!

As a follow up to Orna: the GPS RPG, we aim to build and evolve this game alongside you. We’re a studio that believes in creating games without any paywalls or forced advertisements. We always listen to feedback to make our games the best they can possibly be.

Hero of Aethric is an MMORPG and will require an internet connection.

Be sure to join our Discord and be part of the conversation! With monthly updates including features, questlines, and events we can’t wait for you to see what Aethric has to offer – we’re excited to meet you, Hero!

Official Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/OrnaRPG
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/MSmTAMnrpm

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App ID: com.avalon.rpg
Rating: 4.3
Filename: Hero of Aethric | Classic RPG1.0.42.APK
Required: 5.0
DOWNLOADs: 50,000+
Votes: 111

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