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Grenade Hit: Destroy Demolish Download modded games for android 1 Are you ready for an incredible trajectory grenade throwing experience?
Break through the levels and destroy everything in your path! Send your enemies flying, blow up their bases and crush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimited opportunities to work your way to victory! Fun rag enemies and crazy explosions with levels after levels, amazing content and challenges, go and destroy all enemies to win!
Rules of the game:
– drag your finger up and release when the sight is aimed at the target. The grenade will fly in an arc and call the enemy and boxes nearby
– Throw grenades as accurately as possible at enemies’ ragdolls
– try to spend as few grenades as possible – for a brilliant completion of the level you will receive a reward
– you win if all ragdoll enemies are destroyed
– you lose if you run out of grenades
Key Features:
– the game has many types of grenades that will open as you progress through the levels. Each grenade has its own characteristics, such as explosion radius, destructive power, flight path
– when a grenade explodes, game objects can be destroyed: boxes, boards. there are also indestructible objects such as walls and iron boxes
– the grenade is thrown along an arc of the trajectory – you can easily control where the grenade will fall
– funny and funny ragdoll enemies are usually very funny scatter from explosions
– realistic physics – ragdoll enemies fly off grenades in a very funny way. They can fall on top of each other or boxes can fall on them.
– the game has many levels with many destructible objects, where you need to solve puzzles in order to spend as few grenades as possible
– the grenade flies in an arc and bounces off different objects before exploding – throw the grenade right on target
– you can arrange a combo – destroy several opponents with one grenade – for this you need to solve a puzzle – for example, blow up a bridge under a metal box – then the box will fall on the ragdoll of enemies

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.Plexygame.Grenade.Hit.Destroy.Catapult.Demolish.Sniper
Filename: Grenade Hit: Destroy Demolish.APK

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