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Greedy Worm Download modded games for android 1 Get bored with the traditional version of greedy worm? Want to take on a whole new challenge? Our game comes here for you.
Step out of the small world of infinite expansion and welcome to the great garden of puzzle adventures.
Dangers are hidden in every corner and each move has to be carefully thought out. There is more than one way to reach the portal, but it all requires you to catch the right timing of eating the apple.

-Trendy skin store to keep it fresh
-Retro game button to follow vintage trend
-Unlimited stamina to satisfy desire of winning

A game full of strategic traps, an adventure filled with brain-burning puzzles, which gets even harder when you go further in the level.
It won’t be a piece of take to get the apple and finish the challenge at the same time.
Download the game to accept the challenge. Hope to see you on the Rankings!

Greedy Worm  screenshots 1Greedy Worm  screenshots 2Greedy Worm  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.modoosnake.mpbgame
Filename: Greedy Worm.APK

Download APK


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