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Ghost Evolution Download modded games for android 1 Little ghost was born from spirit of rancor in the horrible graveyard filled with death rancor with the ability to develop itself from eating the spirit of another ghost in order to survive the monster hunters.
At the graveyard located in abandoned valley. It was an execution place for the prisoners that did the criminal cases such as murderers and pirates that killed everyone both men, women, boys, girls, old people or even kids. This made this place full of horrible spirit of murderers. Some spirits were very strong wrath to revenge which made some transformed into a scary ghost or a monster. If some had the more spirit, it become more powerful such as the walking skeleton, the mummy wrapped with shroud, the raisen zombie from the grave, the witch with magic, the ugly frankenstein, the werewolf that can be human and the blood thirsty vampires. Some spirits were born with a little soul. It made them tried to find the way to keep up their strength by eating ghost spirit from the other as our protagonist vs horror. it had more power and could develop itself which made its body stronger, run faster or jump higher in order to survive because in this island was full of ghosts, evil, demon and death, so it caught the ghost hunters attention, undead slayer, zombie hunters or whatever it is called to dispose of these monsters. Some of them came to train themselves. Some came because they wanted exciting adventure. In order to survive, there is the only strongest one. That was why it needed to eat as much as possible to develop themselves to become the ultimate ghost as soon as possible.

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★
– Hunt the spirits of ghosts and monster in the abandoned graveyard
– Absorb the spirits to get stronger

– Characters can be transformed into 15 forms
– There are 12 ghosts and monsters for hunting
– Evolution System
– Beautiful scenes and effects
– Free food from watching video

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App ID: com.lnwJuTi.GhostEvolution
Rating: 3.6
Filename: Ghost Evolution.APK
Votes: 4.09K

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