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Friendly Sudoku – Free Puzzle Download modded games for android 1 The Friendly Sudoku is your perfect app to relax while solving Sudoku puzzles. Play casually or enjoy a real challenge to your logical thinking. Totally free, no ads and offline available – our game provides the good parts of playing with pencil & paper.

All features are available and unlimited in use for free
⭐ Play Classic Sudoku.
⭐ 4 difficulty levels: casual play or real challenge – you decide.
⭐ Over 5,000 puzzles.
⭐ No distractions: no ads, no pop-ups.
⭐ Uncluttered, clean: focus on solving your puzzle.
⭐ Fully offline enabled.
?️ Automatic pencil mark updates.
? Dark mode / dark theme included.
⚙️ Customize with extensive settings.

Are you a beginner at Sudoku? Or just a more casual gamer?
Choose one of our lower difficulty settings and let us assist you in solving your first puzzles – with highlighting helpers, automatic error marking, and more!
Experienced players can use various preference settings to tailor their experience to their liking. Use pencil marks to solve harder Sudoku and enjoy being able to undo every change you make. Our smart pencil marks update automatically when you place a number.

Everyone can enjoy a good puzzle and Sudoku can help you to unwind while challenging your logical thinking. Join our happy users and experience the joy of a customizable ad-free Sudoku experience!

The Friendly Sudoku is created with ❤️ by HappyDevs

By the way: the correct spelling is “Sudoku”, common misspellings include Suduku, Suduko, Sudoko, Soduku, Soduko, Sodoku, Sodoko, Zudoku, Zuduku, Zuduko, Zudoko, Zoduku, Zoduko, Zodoku, Zodoko ?

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.happy_devs.sudoku
Rating: 4.4
Filename: Friendly Sudoku – Free Puzzle .APK
Votes: 1.36K

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