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FreeCell [card game] Download modded games for android 1 It is a FreeCell card game.

FreeCell is a very famous game among the solitaire card game.

Thinking requires a good deal of it to clear the game.

Please help to strengthen the mental capacity to play this game.

■ Rules of FreeCell
Card uses 52 cards in total.

White frame of four left on the screen is a free cell.

White frame of four on the right will be the home cell.

Cards are dealt to each 8 column 52 cards at random at the start of the game.

Playing cards at the bottom of each column can be moved.

The playing cards in each row can move playing cards that are different in color and have a smaller number by 1.

The free cell, it is possible to move only one freely.

In the home cell, play cards of the same suit in order from the numbers 1 to K.

It becomes clear if it is possible to arrange all the cards to the home cells.

Please aim to clear by playing while thinking to move the order of the card.

If you want to start over in the middle of the game, press the New Game button.

Also, if you want to return the moved card, press the Undo button.
Bug fixed.
Layout adjustment.
Fixed a bug that the touch area of the card may shift.

FreeCell [card game] screenshots 1FreeCell [card game] screenshots 2FreeCell [card game] screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.cattama.freecell
Filename: FreeCell [card game].APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 1699

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