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Forest Animal Hunting Games 1.2.9 Download modded games for android 1 Skylink games proudly presents an unforgettable wild hunting adventure game especially for hunters. Forest Animal Hunting is specially made for big buck hunter real men who like to face real danger. If you are a hunter or like to hunt than this game is going to make your day. Explore the jungle and hunt different types of wild animals by shooting them.Browse our one of the most popular hunting game.You are going to really like offline adventure game if you like animal shooting games. We are offering one of the top tier game with amazing graphics which will make you feel you are in the game, hunting animals.Wander around into the wild and make your time with an amazing hunt of different animals like deer, rhino, elephant, wolves, lions etc.You can be a one man army by killing all the animal hunt alone and be a big game hunter.We recommend you to join our game in which each level has a different kind of story and it will open the gates to a whole new kind of world.
Try to clear all the forest to become uncrowned wild hunter king of the jungle.
Key Features:
1.Endless stream of ammunition
2.Stable sniper gun from other shooter game
3.Pump action 12 bore gun
4.You can also purchase from game app
5.Amazing graphics campared from other animal shooting games
6.Atmosphere of animal hunting like real
7.Real-time practice for hunting
8.Multiple animal life and new maps
9.chase after cool missions

1.Beware of the deadly predators as they can attack from any direction stealthy
2.If you are not good through cross hair shooting, try to use scope for better performance of gun
3.The most vulnerable spot on animal body is at its head, try to shoot at the head of game animals for better results of headshot kill camera
4.Utilize your money in game app which you earn from completing missions at the store to buy new guns as they have more destructive power than unlocked guns
5.Don’t try to go too close to animals as in the wilde they will sense you and try to attack on hunter
6.Once you kill an animal always remind yourself to reload your weapon as you will get your chance to kill your next target with full mag.
If you don’t have your data connection with you and you are traveling or doing any other thing and want to pass your time, this wild animal hunting game will amaze you as you can also play it without internet. So feel free to try our game as its one of a kind
* Minor bugs removed.
* Enhanced graphics.
* Improved Control

Forest Animal Hunting Games 1.2.9 screenshots 1Forest Animal Hunting Games 1.2.9 screenshots 2Forest Animal Hunting Games 1.2.9 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.thm.forest.animal.hunter
Rating: 10.0
Filename: Forest Animal Hunting Games1.2.9.APK
Required: Android 4.4+
DOWNLOADs: 1,000,000+
Votes: 5291

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