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Fishing Game for Kids Download modded games for android 1 Fishing Game for Kids – is a fishing game made for kids and toddlers. Catch over 80 different species of fish, sharks and anything that lives in the water, across 12 locations. Simple and easy controls that your children can play alone or with their parents.

Fishing Game for kids is an educational game, for the little ones, Have fun fishing with all the animals like Kitty Cat, Woofus the dog, Monkey Max, Tiger Tom, Mr Bear and many more! all free to play and fish with.

So simple any child can pick up and play. Rules of the game: Catch as many fish as you can!

The game is and the bright and colorful with fun sounds and lots of educational content.

Play one of the fun educational mini games, like Fish Puzzles, Memory Match Cards, or Balloon pop, Go to your catch to see all the fish you have caught. or jump straight in and go fishing. so easy a baby can pick up and play.

– Very simple controls and gameplay so even your toddler can pick up and play by them self.
– 12 Beautiful locations to go fishing from fresh water Parklands, Waterfall pond to Salt Water areas like the Lighthouse, Town Beach, The Harbour and many more!
– 13 Fun loving animals to fish with including Milly Mouse, Woofus the dog, Monkey Max, Mr Bear, Ricky Rabbit, Panzy Panda and many more!
– Go Fishing and catch over 80 species of fish and sharks!
– Educational mini games including fish puzzles, Memory Match Cars, Balloon Pop and Fish species your children have caught.
– Helps develop coordination
– Colorful graphics and fun sounds for the kids.
– Simple (for the kids) and fun for everyone!

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App ID: com.razmobi.kidsfishing
Filename: Fishing Game for Kids.APK

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