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Euchre Gold Download modded games for android 1 Enjoy a smooth and beautiful looking game of Euchre against challenging computer or human players.

Multiplayer Early Access enabled.
It’s early beta testing but you can finally play against other human players! However this feature is still in development so expect that there might be hiccups.

• Rules: British,North American, Royal Engineer, 32 cards and 33 cards euchre
• High resolution graphics
• Native tablet support
• Choose who to play with and against.
• Rename players.
• Achievements & leaderboards
• Customize the look and feel
• Basic stats.
• The AI doesn’t cheat!

Customize the game with house rules like:

• Canadian loner
• Jokers
• Club Euchre
• Stick the dealer
• Super-Euchre
• Custom bidding rules
• From 9 to 21 points target score

You can visit our homepage at http://www.manabattery.com and follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheManaBattery

Euchre Gold  screenshots 1Euchre Gold  screenshots 2Euchre Gold  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.manabattery.CEuchre
Filename: Euchre Gold.APK

Download APK


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