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DIGI-S1: Digivice Download modded games for android 1 DIGIS1: Digimon Digivice, made after original pendulum Digimon Digivice.

Feed and battle DIGI-S1 Digimon to grow stronger.
At certain levels, Digimon will Digivolve into something much stronger.
Keep Digimon clean, and healthy by not feeding too many pizzas. Digimon can turn into evil Digimon if maltreated. Keep your Digimon happy by feeding the right amount of junk food and by battling.

Stats Button (first): Shows stats; happiness, hunger, level, speed, power
defense and health. The spinning gear in the corner of the Stats Page is the Settings Button.

Food Button (second): Shows two food choices. Pizza and apples.
Apples fill 1 hunger space. Pizzas fill 2 spaces.

Clean Button (third): Cleans up after Digimon.
If two or more excrement pile up, could cause sickness depending on Digimon level.

Medical Button (fourth): Heal a sick or hurt Digimon.

Battle Button (fifth): Start a battle. Winning battles Digimon gain levels and Digivolve. During battle, dodge an attack by tapping on the Digimon precisely before the attack hits. Shake during “COUNT”, to power up attack and defense.

DIGI-S1: Digivice  screenshots 1DIGI-S1: Digivice  screenshots 2DIGI-S1: Digivice  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.digis1.yr2019.quantum.mobile.digimon.digivice
Filename: DIGI-S1: Digivice.APK

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