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Caleb and Sophia’s Memory Game Download modded games for android 1 Classic memory challenge, where you have to find the pairs of cards!

It is a memory game for everyone, in which you need to distinguish between beautiful images of animals, landscapes and drawings of the characters of the series Caleb and Sophia, full of colors and well illustrated. You will also find images of planets, objects.

Exercise your brain with brain games every day. Take this memory challenge and you will see the difference!

Why accept this memory challenge? Well, this game not only improves your memory, it also increases your accuracy, trains your reflexes, increases your speed and can help you with short-term memory problems or lack of attention.

The game contains fun music and sound effects on the buttons. These sounds can be disabled in the settings.

The game is very easy and can be played in any language.
The images used were all customized for the game and are for educational purposes.


Caleb and Sophia's Memory Game  screenshots 1Caleb and Sophia's Memory Game  screenshots 2Caleb and Sophia's Memory Game  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.JWGames.BibleMemoryGame
Filename: Caleb and Sophia’s Memory Game.APK

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