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Boardspace.net Download modded games for android 1 This is the Android client to play board games with other people at Boardspace.net. Boardspace hosts over 70 games, mostly 2-player abstract strategy games, but also some multi-player and Euro games.

All games are played in real time, not turn at a time. Games can
be suspended, but it is expected that you will play complete games in
one sitting, as you would when playing another person face-to-face.

Our most popular games are Hive and Euphoria.

Tablet sized screens are recommended. Devices with at least 1G of memory are recommended.

The client is fully cross-platform; using your Android, you can play other people who are using
IOS, Macs, or PCs.

The site, and the app, are completely free, have no advertising or in-app purchases. Just the games.
behavior improvements for some Viticulture cards
bug fix for Ponte del Diavolo

Boardspace.net screenshots 1Boardspace.net screenshots 2Boardspace.net screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.boardspace
Filename: Boardspace.net.APK
DOWNLOADs: 5,000+
Votes: 58

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