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Board Game Friends (2,3,4players) 14Games Download modded games for android 1 It is a collection of board games that you can enjoy for 2 ~ 4 people with one mobile phone.

1. Duck Roulette: When a duck is stuck by inserting a knife into a drum, defeat
2. Duck Block: Remove one block of ice and defeat if the duck falls.
3. Arctic Duck: Take out the ice blocks one by one and lose when the duck falls.
4. Dice Bell: If the sum of the same cards is equal to the number of dice, press the bell.
5. Catch the thieves: If you remove the same card and hold the last thief card, defeat
6. Bingo Game: Match the picture and Make three bingo lines.
7. Duck Escape : Escape your duck to the other side.
8. Da Vinci Password : The bomb must be decrypted with a password.
9. MiniMarble: It’s a backgammon game. Purchase world cities and build buildings to raise money.
10. YUT Game: Traditional Game YUT Game. This is a game that moves as many numbers as you throw.
11. Quick O-Mok : This is a deformed O-Mok game
12. Laboratory : Mix the ingredients in the test tube to give the result you see.
13. Table Soccer Game : Just move the handle on the table and put the ball into the opponent’s goal.
14. Table Baseball:A simple baseball game by rolling a ball
15. Life lucky game : A dice board game of memories. You can enjoy it with very simple rules.
16. Bunny Ball : Throw the ball at your opponent

Have fun with your lover, friends and family.
new game : Bunny Ball

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