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Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop Download modded games for android 1 Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop is open in this hot summer! What kind of refreshing desserts are available here? How are these desserts made? Let’s check it out!

What would you like, blueberry juice, mango juice or strawberry juice? You can also mix and match them. Just pick your favorite bottle, fill it with juice, and your juice is done!

Combine your favorite ingredients in a blender, select a mold and a popsicle stick you like, and place the popsicle in the freezer until it is solid. Don’t forget to decorate your popsicle with nice wrapping paper!

Melt sugar cubes to make syrup. Add ingredients into the syrup to color it. Pour the syrup into a star-shaped or flower-shaped mold. There are so many molds for you to choose from. Just pick the one you like!

Customers are waiting! Sell desserts to earn Coins and unlock more ingredients and items!

Run [Baby Panda’s Sweet Shop] now!

– Realistic simulation of the ice cream making process: material selection, processing, freezing, etc.
– A variety of products to make: ice cream, juice, candy.
– Mix fruits, vegetables, nuts and more.
– Choose from a variety of flavors such as banana, apple and blueberry.
– Tons of wrapping paper, candy boxes, juice bottles and other decorations for creative packaging.

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