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ASMR Honey – Mowing Simulator Download modded games for android 1 Do you want to experience real relaxation? You will definitely like ASMR Honey – this is a farming simulator where your task is to clear the field of honeycombs that were left after the invasion of space bees. This is not for you to mow the grass with a lawn mower, here you will need a powerful harvester. Cut honeycombs, collect honey, sell it at the base and upgrade your harvester to get even more honey!
ASMR Honey will put you in a visual trance and your inner perfectionist will clap your hands!

ASMR Honey - Mowing Simulator  screenshots 1ASMR Honey - Mowing Simulator  screenshots 2ASMR Honey - Mowing Simulator  screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.cedar.stonehoney
Filename: ASMR Honey – Mowing Simulator.APK

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