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Arrowmancer: Action Rhythm RPG 1.1.3 Download modded games for android 1 From the Creators of Waifu Labs comes an action rhythm RPG. A magical sojourn through the stars!

Enter a world where magic is mundane and even 6* witches struggle to find work. Join up with old friends Kairos and Fig to start your own little witching services company. Meet witches from all around the solar system and recruit them into your company. Read their chats to learn about daily life and find new missions to undertake to earn some sweet, sweet creds.

A new combat system combining action RPG with rhythm elements. Highly responsive and designed to feel amazing on mobile.

Fight bosses with varied attacks. Learn their patterns and don’t get hit!
While dodging, match arrows between your characters to build up your combo meter.
Master your characters’ movements and get into the flow! 3-star all the challenge missions!

Experience Waifu Labs character system powered by the latest advancements in machine learning. The world’s first game to utilize fully AI-generated characters. Find witches that no one has ever seen. Create a character in Waifulabs.com and import them into Arrowmancer! Customize your witches appearance by fusing them with other witches.

Discover witches with hundreds of different personalities, dances, abilities, and passives. Level them up and combine them to unlock new powers and set up synergistic teams. Field your best team to take on the mission at hand. Roll the gacha to build up your collection of rare witches!

Arrowmancer is only available in English. All content is solo PvE. The game is free to download and play, and features optional in-app purchases with a standard gacha system. Join our Discord community for news updates and live developer support!
Fortune’s Fool Event: 3/15 – 3/22.
Limited 6* Banner: Clover!
Update also contains some minor optimizations and bugfixes.

Arrowmancer: Action Rhythm RPG 1.1.3 screenshots 1Arrowmancer: Action Rhythm RPG 1.1.3 screenshots 2Arrowmancer: Action Rhythm RPG 1.1.3 screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: net.sizigi.wcorp
Rating: 10.0
Filename: Arrowmancer: Action Rhythm RPG1.1.3.APK
Required: Android 5.0+
DOWNLOADs: 10,000+
Votes: 1447

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