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Army Granny Scary Ghost 3D Download modded games for android 1 Army Granny Horror House Escape is a survival horror game with many attractive new features in the scary house in the dark jungle. Try to escape from the army granny house with the help of different escaping clues like torchlight, house map, and many more. the army retired granny is always finding a new target to play cruel game of haunted horror.

Your survival will not be easy in the creepy house because army grand mother is a proficient stalker. She can make your life hell in this cottage.
This last spooky chilling mansion & crucial survival game will drag you out to ghostly edges in this horror home scary granny adventure.
Show your real guts and run away from this haunted place as soon as possible.

Play as scary granny, and you will definitely be addicted to this ghost game 3d. Granny keeps you locked in her horror mansion and there is no escape. There is a mystery that you need to solve. It will help you get out from this horror house. Save yourself by hiding under the dining table, bed, wardrobe and move like a shadow in this sinister army grand mom simulator game

Key Features

β€’ Play as Virtual Boy and try to escape from the haunted cottage
β€’ Fearful and exhausting atmosphere and challenging missions
β€’ Find all clues like books and map, which can help you escape
β€’ Live in the horrific horror mansion and feel the scream sounds

The devil Army Granny house game is specially designed for all creepy house game lovers and horror granny chasing simulation game fans.
Beware from the ghost grand woman and make a great escaping plan from the horror house in creepy urban area site. If you really do not wish to be trapped in the horror house for a lifetime, then you must make a clever plan silently before the granny traps you.

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Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.last.fighter.army.granny
Filename: Army Granny Scary Ghost 3D.APK

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