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Age of World Wars Download modded games for android 1 A FREE turn based STRATEGY game uses the engine of AGE OF STRATEGY but now in the World War II with US, German and Russian nations!
Be a panzer general yourself and win the tank battles!

Campaigns, random games and MULTIPLAYER games are waiting for you!
Join the FORUM to suggest changes/unit types for the game! We have votes monthly on new unit types!

GEMS: need gems? Help us building very nice skirmish or campaign maps and i can send u many gems in reward – email me if you are interested!

NOT a PAY TO WIN game! The in-app payment option is for donation only.

FORUM opened for the game! (check it in the game or here: http://www.androidutils.com/forum/ )!

The game is a Retro looking “8-bit” game, so it is not very pretty, no much fancy animations, this is PURE GAMEPLAY ORIENTED turn based strategy.
– 100 Campaign maps (Historical ones too!)
– 30 random maps
– many unit types
– many technologies to invent (it is in development)
– multiplayer game (with option to coop against AI-s)
– rewarding systems: collecting stars, collecting gems for unlocking new unit/building types

UNIT REQUESTS: there are many requests for new units and unique units, I am pretty open to this since it is pretty easy to setup a new unit. Please join the forum and put there the idea and i will make it!

If u install it
– be kind with the rating, since this app is in the middle of growing
– feel free to send me any suggestions on any part of the game (gameplay, units, unit-properties, new unit suggestions, graphics)
– If u would like to take part in creating this game (eg. graphics, translation, ideas) send me an email.

What to do:
1. Create a game (select map, set colors, players, teams)
1.1. OR start a Campaign
2. play it
5. send me suggestions.

Have fun!
+ Fix: All Pak and Anititank tank bonuses changes
+ Fix:Fix on map decoration disappearances.
Requested feature:Cancel production on factories (open production list an on bottom left a red link to cancel)
New units/techs:
Scouts, Sd Kfz 222
Battleship Iowa
Battleship Vanguard
Barrage Balloon
New skins:Infantry skins for British, infantry and tank skins for Japanese
Change:Superheavy I-o tank is now range 2
… and more, see version log

Age of World Wars screenshots 1Age of World Wars screenshots 2Age of World Wars screenshots 3

Game apk mod offline unlimited Detail

App ID: com.zts.ageofworldwars
Filename: Age of World Wars.APK
DOWNLOADs: 100,000+
Votes: 3795

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